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Cheap Car Rental St Vincent E. T. Joshua Airport

St Vincent E. T. Joshua Airport Car RentalE. T. Joshua Airport Car Rental

Kingstown is a beautiful city that is also the capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is also the chief port and main commercial centre of the area. The city is located within the parish of Saint George in the south-west corner of Saint Vincent. E.T. Joshua Airport, located in Arnos Vale, serves the city as the only airport. This airport was named for the first chief minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, E. T. Joshua. This beautiful city is also featured in many of the scenes from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.  If you want to go sightseeing then opt for car rental as it will be much easier to get around.

There are some good hotels in the area, which provide superior quality accommodation facilities. You can also enjoy delicious seafood in the restaurants of Kingstown. It is a great place to spend your valuable holiday time. This lively city is well known among the tourists for its historical churches, magnificent arches and stone buildings. You can also enjoy a number of water sports in this amazing city. Major attractions of Kingstown include Botanic Gardens St. Vincent, Fort Charlotte, St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral of the Assumption, St George’s Anglican Cathedral and many others. You can easily visit all these sites through car hire solutions which are widely available in the region.

The Botanic Gardens of St. Vincent are located on the northern outskirts of Kingstown. These gardens were created by General Robert Melville in 1765. Tourists will find a great deal to enjoy here and can see some beautiful flowers along with variety of tropical plants and colourful birds. Fort Charlotte is also very popular among tourists for its stunning views overlooking Kingstown. The fort was constructed in 1806 and is located a short drive away from Kingstown.  It is a must for those who want to have a great day out with the family.

The nearby St George’s Anglican Cathedral was built in the 1800s and is quite famous for its impressive stained glass windows. Arnos Vale is a small town near Kingstown, and is home to a football and cricket stadium. The whole area is an ideal tourist spot and if you want to spend your holiday at a calm and beautiful place, Kingstown would never disappoint you. Apart from churches and forts, you can also find some beautiful parks and gardens here. No matter what you want to do on your holiday there will be something in Kingstown for you and if you want to travel in style car rental is a must.

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